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The House of Refuge is a project by Miguel Arzabe and Rachelle Reichert, that provided visitors sanctuary from the tumultuous art market. The project was featured in Artist-Run at The Satellite Show Miami from Dec 1 - 6 , 2015. It consisted of an installation and a series of public nature walks. The installation contained a sand sculpture whose form was inspired by the architecture of the Biscayne Bay House of Refuge, a precursor to the Coast Guard, and the first place of shelter established in 1876 on the wilderness shore of Miami Beach. A caretaker would live in the BBHOR and walk the beach after every storm to look for and rescue castaways. The BBHOR was located near the derelict hotel in which the installation was conceived, but was destroyed in the great hurricane of 1926 and was never rebuilt. Surrounding the sculpture are paintings and drawings suggesting powerful natural processes. Viewers were invited to meet the artists at the installation for a daily walk, beginning at dusk, to one of the last undeveloped shorelines in Miami, located adjacent to the venue.